Thursday, 15 June 2017

15th june 2017 - Hobart to Cairns - back on 2XS

Thursday 15th June 2017

We are back on 2XS again, again, after many happy weeks back in Tasmania. 

We have left it all behind for four months…Winter in all its glory;

Dark MoFo and all its dark charms.

Our families and friends….

Time for another bit of a boat adventure, followed by some serious Northern Hemisphere gravelling.  Time to reactivate The Blog!

But maybe not a very long blogpost today…It is only 5pm but I am totally exhausted.  I got up at 4am and rushed around briskly washing sheets and finalising departure preparations.  We were at the airport by 5.15 (thank you poor sleepy James.)  The plane was due to leave at 6.10 but…at 10am we were still sitting, slumped, at a table in the Hobart airport.  Every now and hen we would get a Qantas pep talk.  First they apologised profusely because we were delayed one our – fog on the runway in Sydney.  Then, mysteriously, another hour delay due to “crew sickness.”  Then…nothing until they loaded us onto a Virgin plane at 10.  It didn’t really matter; we still got our connection to Cairns and we still got here at 4.30.  Not sure why we are exhausted… probably because we went through security so many times as they changed their minds about our Hobart-Sydney flights.  Maybe the scanners drain human energy!! 

So at the moment we look a bit like this….

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