Friday, 16 June 2017

16th June 2017 - Blue Water Marina Cairns - new anchor chain

Friday 16th June 2017

Today was all about The Chain.

Creak croak
The 2XS anchor chain is completely…well, buggered is the most polite word.  It is rusty and dusty and falling apart. Well not falling apart YET thank God.  That would have been a total…bugger-up.

So Pete disappeared this morning to buy a shiny new chain.  (*Cough* *splutter* $1400…) while I went shopping at Rusty’s Market with our friend Barb Richardson.  Last time we saw Barb and Terry was in in the Louisiades last year.  Very nice people.

  • ·      They gave us 2 kilos of cheese (I nearly wept with joy)
  • ·      Terry had a festy leg ulcer and they had to race back to Cairns
  • ·      On their last night their dinghy went missing (lost stolen or strayed; possibly stolen)

So Barb and I went shopping.  I bought glorious vegetables and made a big curry for all four of us.

Pete in the meantime dragged a shiny new chain back to the marina in a small hired Hyundai.

Old chain - rusty!!
I helped him get the boat turned around and the new chain on/old chain off.  This was not fun but…we did it!

New chain - shiny!!

And now we are ready to sail off tomorrow morning, heading south.  All things being equal…

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