Thursday, 8 December 2016

9th December 2016 - 2XS in Townsville

Friday 9th December 2016

The latest news is – 2XS is staying in Townsville.  The engine work is not yet complete.  Pete is mildly fed up and is flying home tomorrow night.  Michael is driving as far south as he can go.  At the moment he can’t get his car onto the ferry so it will have to stay in Melbourne unless he gets a last minute cancellation.  Pete will have to fly back up to Townsville in January to move the boat down to Urangan, if that is what he still thinks is the best thing.

2XS in Townsville
In the meantime I have been very busy, with this and that.  It has been hot, and chilly, with the odd burst of violent wind.

On Tuesday I had a lovely chat with Tracey, my optometrist, while she tested my eyes.  (My eyes are fine thank you.)  I told her – yes this was part of the professional part of my visit – that I mainly read on my screens (iPhone and iPad) and that I don’t carry paper books with me any more.  she told me that when she and her boyfriend were travelling through Africa and Europe in the 90s their packs were heavily loaded with Lonely Planet guides.  Huge, heavy, indispensable!  Travellers now can have all of this weighty information loaded neatly and easily on their screens.  So much better!

Myrtle Gully waterfall - I am so enjoying walking through the bush (except NOT in the violent wind!!)

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