Wednesday, 14 December 2016

15th December 2016 - 2XS still in Townsville, Captain Pete and crew back in Tasmania

Thursday 15th December 2016

Before he left Pete carefully dried out all of the cards I had collected over the years and which were happy swimming around in what I thought was a safe resting place under the starboard aft bunk...
Pete is back – he is sitting at his computer cursing faintly as he struggles with his paperwork.  Just a change from struggling with boat work!

Michael is also off the boat.  He is driving from Townsville to Melbourne, a long long way.  Friday he and his ute will be on the ferry; Saturday he will be here in Hobart.

There is still a lot of boatwork to do, so Pete will have to go back to Queensland in January.

In the meantime…it is all GO in Hobart.  The fourth biggest cruise liner in the world has been and gone.  Ovation of the Sea – I do think this is a funny name…

It was very hot (32) on Tuesday, chilly and windy on Wednesday.  I walked into town and on to Battery Point and was startled several times by violent and unexpected gusts of wind.  One of the gusts blew my sunglasses right off my face.  The lenses flew in one direction, the frame in another…

Beautiful Battery Point
Echidnas abound, right in the city.  My niece Isabelle found one gamely crossing Macquarie Street the other day.  She and her friends rescued it and sent it on its way towards the Rivulet, where it will stay, one hopes.  And yesterday I found one on the footpath outside Pete’s house.  I discouraged it from crossing the road and I hope it has gone back down into the valley where it should be safe from squashing.

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