Wednesday, 29 June 2016

30th June 20916 - last day in Waisai - off along the coast of PNG heading south east

Thursday 30th June 2016

Beautiful tunnels under Fiver Rocks
Yesterday it rained nearly all day.  Our water tanks overflowed just a bit which meant that all of the towels I had washed and dried so beautifully are now wet and yucky again but never mind!  Rain is good!

It stopped for a while and I went in to see Hamka in the pulsa shop.  He twiddled about with my modem and readjusted the settings of my latest load so that my new $50 worth was revitalised.  I caught an ojek (motorbike) back again, and my driver, bless him, plopped a helmet firmly onto his head and rode off completely disregarding the fact that the helmet had no straps at all…

We have a neighbour on the marina, a catamaran called Jumpa Lagi, from Bali.  The owner, Norm (ex-Melbourne,) came over for a drink at five.  He was full of good cheer, good stories, local knowledge.  He shared our interest in Wallace (scientist, contemporary of Darwin,) and in Jared Diamond (popular science writer,) who apparently comes here for a month every year. 

We are leaving at about 9am, very civilised.  Time for cups of tea and toast and coffee.

We should have internet somewhere along the way but this is always a curious and delicate affair, capturing a signal.

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