Tuesday, 5 July 2016

1st - 5th July - Waisai (Raja Ampat) to Pulau Biak

1st – 6th July 2016

Happy friends along the way
So far cruising along the coast of Irian Jaya has been surprisingly easy and pleasant.

We have found peaceful anchorages along the way

00 degrees 21.401S
121 degrees 11.812E
Waigeo Island
9.8m depth
00 degrees 21.208S
132 degrees 24.086E
Between rocky reefs
7.2 depth

00 degrees 32.133.09S
133 degrees 13.359E
00 degrees 44.901S
133 degrees 59.536E
Mios Arui
7.2 depth
01 degrees 05.273S
134 degrees 49.779E
Pulau Numfoor
Sheltered, friendly locals in canoes
01 degree 12.338S
136 degrees 05.822e
Pulau Biak (city)

There seems to be very little population.  All we see is glorious jungle-clad mountains, shrouded in mist.

We hope to get to Biak on Tuesday to clear out at Immigration, Customs, Harbour Master etc etc.  But…it is the end of Ramadam!  Idl Fitri… Maybe everything will be closed for the week.  I very much hope NOT!!

Visitors at Pulau Numfoor at sunset
(We have arrived in Biak and…yes indeed, two days of holiday starting from tomorrow morning - 6/7 – so I hope it is peaceful, pleasant and safe here in Biak while we wait!!)

And – election news!  As far as I can gather the Australian public has realised that there is very little difference between the Liberal coalition and the Labor party and…so far it is a dead heat…No doubt by the time we get into Google range something will be decided.  Who knows??

(Anchored in Biak in the near dark…too tired to do much other than cook a swift chicken curry and drink a swift glass of wine…  But while cooking I listened to a Wil Anderson podcast and he suggested just doing another election next Saturday - well that is what we do with tied grand final football games, isn’t it??  And get it right, this time!!)

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