Friday, 8 July 2016

9th July 2016 - Pulau Biak (Papua)

Saturday 9th July 2016

Loved this tree, in the town centre
01 degree 10.118S
136 degrees 02.902E
Pulau Biak

We had a big invasion of BOYS on our first night in the better, quieter anchorage near the ferry wharf on Biak Island.  One minute they were leaping off the jetty, with shrieks of joy and much showing off; the next they had swum out to 2XS and were all aboard, beaming with pride and certain of a happy welcome.

And they did get a good welcome; how could we resist??  I printed out a photo or two for them and made them some popcorn.  When they left each one in turn came to shake hands and to tell us their names.  Unusual names - Ludwig, Valdo, Johan, Mica, Leo, Anus and a whole lot other I promptly forgot.

So long farewell!
They also said, as they plunged back into the sea, Papua is GOOD!!  They won’t get any disagreement from us.

We have had quite a few visitors (no surprise…)  The first was from William, an oldcodger we had met in town the previous day.  He arrived, very dignified, squatting on a piece of polystyrene foam which is used as the dinghy for one of the big fishing boats nearby.  Nazrun, who works on the boat, paddled him out and was happy to visit us and have a look at 2XS as well.

Taking a toddler out to visit the fishing boat
These bits of polystyrene are used by all and sundry.  Last night we heard merry laughter and looked out – here came an entire family, happy as could be, bobbing around on the waves in the gathering dusk, not the least bit concerned that the wind was building up and that it was soon going to be dark.  They had been way out on the reef, collecting tiny bits of sealife for their dinner.

Yesterday we had a long walk around town, going from one TUTUP (closed) office to another. 

Quiet leafy streets
Some parts of town are very nice, very pretty.

Beautiful fence
Others – not so much, although I did find this stark graffiti wall very interesting.

There was a variety of shops; especially if one were looking for a beautician

or a tombstone

or betel nuts.

The supermarket had many many aisles of powdered milk for infants (sigh) and a few nice canned goods, eg corn, tomatoes, always desirable to us.  I was not attracted, however, to the very large cans of snails…

The market down near the wharf is fabulous.  Beautiful veggies, beautifully presented.

And lovely fresh fish.  I am quite prepared to clean and fillet fish on the boat, but have been delighted to discover that there are people in the fish markets ready willing and able to do this for not much money at all.  They have nifty fish scaling devices, made from a piece of wood with some nails banged in.  Works a treat!  I gave this particular man 10000 rupiah ($1) for his efforts and his eyes widened – untold wealth!!

And the fresh fish is just wonderful.

And yes I found my favourite shop of all – the pulsar shop, where I could get a new load of internet connection.  (Another $50…not sure how long it will last…)

And Pete found…yes, a hardware shop or two!!


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