Saturday, 9 July 2016

10th July 2016 - Pulau Biak (Papua)

Sunday 10th July 2016

Our enforced stopover anchored off Pulau Biak is all very pleasant, all things considered.  I swim several times a day in the clear clean water.  There are a few tiny patches of coral, and a few tiny fish.  And there is the endless task of scrubbing the green slime off the underbelly of 2XS!

Every now and then some old ladies paddle by, in a small canoe, or on a piece of orange polystyrene.  I raise my head and wave my scotchbrite scrubbing thing at them and they nod with great understanding.

We had two lots of visitors.  #1 was William, on his own this time.  He has political ambitions, along the lines of Free Papua, and would like us to find him a strong, capable wife in Australia.  He thinks he would like someone like Kristy Sword-Gusmao…Step up!!

#2 in the afternoon our team of bigboys from the nearby village arrived, full of joy.  They were very happy to read old copies of Australia Geographic (thank you Chris and Bob in Hobart!) and then we played them some music.  And yes of course they all knew all the Bob Marley songs…Pete also introduced them to ACDC, The Animals, and The Rolling Stones.  At 5.30 they all leapt back into the sea and promised to return besok…(tomorrow.)


  1. I have some Nat Geo mags you can take back with you

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