Sunday, 19 June 2016

20th June 2016 - Waisai to Sorong (Raja Ampat)

Monday 20th June 2016

00 degrees 52.982S
131 degrees 14.171E
Pulau Doom

3pm – we are now anchored.  And anchored just in time…as we approached the little island dark storm clouds gathered and we got everything down just before a deluge!

Last night in Waisai we invited the tourism people – Fikri, Husna, Sherly – for dinner.  It was raining a bit and they were shivering in their warm clothes…the temperature had dropped to – ooh – about 28 degrees…Fikri had brought us all  soursop drinks – very delicious; soursop is some sort of tropical fruit like a big custard apple and it makes a very nice juice drink.  Husna and Fikri had sore tummies after their dinner – it is Ramadan and they hadn’t been able to eat or drink between 6am and 6pm so the meal went down like a ton of bricks.  But they didn’t enjoy Pete’s very delicious meatballs in a thick tomato sauce with lots of steamed veg.  Sherly and Husna took LOTS of photos – this is not a typical Indonesia  meal at all!

We went to say goodbye to our rally friends, who will all be leaving Waisa in the next few days as well.  Dave was looking very pleased with himself – I have copied the Soggy Paws (USA) post on Facebook; Sherry put their story into words better than I could.

We had been warned about rats on this dock by another cruiser, and had been keeping screens on and the big door closed. But somehow he still got in. I heard a noise in the galley and turned on thw light to investigate, and saw him scurry up onto the shelf. He had sampled one bite out of each of our juicy tomatoes! Fortunately we managed (not without some drama) to trap him in a corner and throw a towel on him. Then Dave drowned him, inside the towel. Dave sez...we need a cat!

Sherry and Dave (SV Soggy Paws USA)
Sad for the rat I suppose but NOBODY wants a rat on board!  Oh the damage they do, to wiring, to everything!

Tomorrow – Immigration, Customs, Harbour Master, Saga supermarket, and with a bit of luck, lunch or dinner with Helen and Greg from WA!

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