Tuesday, 28 June 2016

29th June 2016 - Waisai marina (Raja Ampat) - hostage Tess released (Philippines) - WA whales

Wednesday 29th June 2016

Today is a Waisai marina day, with much frantic use of the internet for reading, writing, downloading.

The Soggy Paws rat, Waisai, Dave triumphant
There is some sort of good-ish news.  Abu Sayyaf have released Tess, the only female hostage from Ocean View.  They still have Kjarttan (Norway.)  And poor Tess is shattered, no doubt, and bereaved.

On the SV Labyrinth Facebook page today, I read Jase’s account of sailing down the coast of Western Australia.  Worth sharing!

Sailing south down the WA coast in winter against the Fin Whale northerly migration is kind of like driving across the Serengeti at night with no headlights surrounded by invisible elephants who you can only see when they suddenly jump 10m in the air.

Jase, by the way, has published two novels recently – The Silent Circus, very weird and evocative (WWII), and A Dirty Peace (East Timor.)  Worth a read, both of them.

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