Tuesday, 12 January 2016

13th January - Bicheno

Wednesday 13th January 2016

Many changes in weather, up the East Coast.  Yesterday it was cool and damp, after a night of heavy rain. 

Today it is hot again but very windy.

We still managed lots of water-based activities.

There was some kayaking

some fishing – Stuart is the designated fish cook; he does the best job and is therefore chained to the BBQ every night.

We watched...
The Boys are engaged in a ferocious blitzkrieg against the local jackjumpers.  They are enjoying it way too much!

Pete has left; he is now on the Gold Coast, travelling, I am sure, from one whitegoods store to another…

Bicheno is nicer than Bunnings!
Today some of us had breakfast at a local cafe, where we were very amused by a summertime song music clip, produced by a very well-meaning but inept Christian family group.  All of the boys now know all of the words of this earworm…they probably would rather not!

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