Monday, 4 January 2016

5th January - camel spiders

Tuesday 5th January 2016

I don’t have an appropriate photo for today’s scintillating blogmoment because…FREAKY!!!

But above is a perfectly nice photo of me with my darling BigBoy Michael.  He has recently been posted overseas, to the desert.  Possibly to Afghanistan for part of the time but I’m not saying.  We had lunch together yesterday (fish and chips at Mures Upper Deck, followed by a very big double chocolate ice-cream cone.)  We had time to chat and to discuss affair s of note and I was able to ask him – finally –whether there really are enormous camel spiders in Afghanistan.   I have seen horrific (to me) photos on the internet of spiders, camel-coloured, as big as a Chihuahua and very keen to bite unwary mammals.  Urban myth?  (I mean desert myth…)  Well no not really… Michael has seen a camel spider.  It was very small and meek.  But he says they do grow quite big and the very alarming thing is…they chase after you if they see you!  NOT fun!  But what they are after is not your blood…it is your shade!  Poor darlings are desperate to get out of the sun!  

N O camel spiders in the glorious in Hobart Botanical Gardens

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  1. So lovely to see a photo of Michael, looking big and strong and happy. Hope all is well and that the desert posting doesn't last too long.