Thursday, 28 January 2016

29th January - drought/flood in Tasmania

Friday 29th January 2016

Pete’s friends Maggie and Peter Braithwaite are visiting from Wales. 

They are famous amongst their friends and acquaintances for bringing the rain wherever they go…  Thirty years ago they went to Tunisia for their honeymoon.  It had been bone dry for years, possibly decades, and within days of their arrival – torrential floods!  Houses washed away!

Here in Tasmania we have been suffering a long and ghastly drought.  There are bushfires raging in our beautiful wilderness areas; the paddocks are dry, wildlife starving, farm animals barely surviving even with extra feed.

But…Maggie and Peter are here to save the day!  Flash floods have closed the road to Orford in three places; water carriers, who have been frantically busy for months, haven’t needed to work for two days.  It is all suddenly very WET!!

Thank you Maggie and Peter, come back soon!

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