Wednesday, 20 January 2016

20th January - Gold Coast - Southern Ocean

Wednesday 20th January 2016

The Gold Coast thus far has been fabulous.

Action packed!

Look at the G Forces in action!  (Angus and Leo second row from top)
With a few moments of peace and quiet with a deck of cards.

 There have been many rides.  The boys have been VERY active, and very happy.

Wild West honchos!
They also had a walk on Surfers Paradise beach.

And Hamish bought a fabulous new surfboard.

I was very amused, at Movie World, to see a whole lot of people lolling on the stage around the sign which said…Keep the Stage Area Clear!

It has all been too very busy to write much but…all is well!!

More crushing G-forces
Pete and I did go on a ride or two...first, a baby roller-coaster...then the Wild West ride with the boys.  I managed to grit my teeth and NOT scream but it does make me look a bit grim, considering I was actually having a GREAT time!!

My brother Pete is still cruising the Southern Ocean (with quite a bit of…seasickness all round, oh dear, oh no…)  He got up early and scared the shit out of a bird

and saw a beautiful sunset at midnight

Albatross are all around.  The world is good, all things considered.

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