Thursday, 14 January 2016

15th January - Bicheno - glass-bottom boat

Friday 15th January 2016

This morning some of us went out on the glass-bottom boat, in The Gulch.

We have been meaning to do this for decades, and today was the day!  It was a bit cold and bleak, but a fabulous forty-five minutes nonetheless.

 The driver/guide was handsome, knowledgeable and charming.  He was polite and pleasant with everyone, and refrained from getting into a competition with the man sitting opposite us, who seemed to have sampled every single creature in the sea.

Rose (3) was very happy with her boat trip.  She saw: an old hat, a dragon, and a sea elephant.  (The rest of us saw…fish, squid, sting rays, seaweed…)

Jeff met us on the jetty and took two children on his bike.  He tried to balance Zoe on his handlebars but she very sensibly showed the whites of her eyes and stayed on her own feet.

Last night we had our annual BBQ with friends and neighbours.

Katy Hanna Claire
Plus a few extras (Margot and David.)

Marguerite  Meriloy Margot (M M M)
We spent the afternoon at the Blowhole, going OOH and AAH, with a crowd of tourists also going OOH and AAH.

The day before we spent a very happy afternoon at a waterhole in the Douglas Apsley gorge, along with a crowd of random people also escaping from the fierce wind blowing along the beaches.

Bicheno is just beautiful.

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