Sunday, 7 August 2016

7th August - jungleboys in the trees, Nusa Island, New Ireland, PNG

Sunday 7th August 2016

When we were anchored near beautiful Nusa Island (just off Kavieng, New Ireland, PNG,) we did a walk right around, through the jungle, along a narrow path, and then along the beach, right round. 

This was only possible because the entire island and shoreline is covered with glorious big leafy trees.

As we approached the main village area, and the 2XS dinghy, faithfully waiting, we heard shrieks from the trees.

Hello Hello!  I am JUNGLEMAN!

And indeed, there was Jungleman, a small boy in stripey shorts, shooting back down to the ground on a thin blue rope.

And in the next door tree – at least five boys, niftily camouflaged! 

Oh how I would have loved these trees to climb in, aged ten…

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