Tuesday, 2 August 2016

2nd July 2016 - Nusa Island Resort, Keviang, New Ireland, PNG - gorgeous Nusa Island Resort

On Friday we moved a few hundred metres across the Gazelle Channel and anchored off Nusa Island. 

Just gorgeous!

Tuesday 2nd July 2016

Boys to mind the dinghy
We wanted to research the Nusa Island resort, for possible visitors from Tasmania in September.  It is all just fabulous.  NOT 5***** luxury…but all very lovely, right on the beach, with airy cabins

a restaurant over the water

the odd bird…

Not sure about the birds!  Maybe they were rescued as fledglings because it is surely unnatural for a Brahminy kite, and an osprey, to sit placidly around a resort, surrounded by peole, and dogs.

And oh dear the dogs…they are truly scungy…They seem to be loved but one of them in particular is so very thin, with cancerous sores poking out of his sides.  Very unfortunately he took a fancy to me and came and leaned against me where I sat, panting gently and wanting to be patted.  I am so horrible; I couldn’t bear to touch him…

The resort is owned and run by a brother and sister from Mission Beach (Qld,) Sean and Shannon.  They have been here since 1997!!

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