Sunday, 21 August 2016

21st August - brief intro to Kokopo-Rabaul expedition (PNG)

Sunday 21st August 2016

Today was totally action-packed so I am…exhausted!  We tried to hire a car; it was much too expensive - $120 for one day plus 50 cents per kilometre travelled… Kind (Australian) Gavin, from the dive shop at Rapopo Plantation Resort, came to the rescue.  We could borrow his trusty Holden Rodeo ute for half of that – perfect!

It took us all day to get to Rabaul and back, with many a detour into tunnels and cemeteries.  SO interesting!  But…I am too tired to write…so I will try to download the photo I took in the toilets at one of the (many – I counted – there are 15!!) local supermarkets, where a kindly assistant took me in my hour of need.  I have never seen such a polite and strange toiletdoor notice before…

For dinner we are having…roast veggies and boiled peas plus a roast chicken from the Hot Rooster shop! 

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  1. What a wonderful notice! Perhaps I could post something like that for my boys!