Monday, 30 November 2015

30th November - Gilbert and George manifesto -2XS in the marina - crayfish

30th November 2015

We thought Gilbert and George were delightful...
I am on the track of news about the hostages.  And about 2XS, in Ocean View marina.   So far…no ne news re the hostages.  One of the kidnappers may have been arrested but ho hum, what good will that do??  The armed forces and police already know where they are – it is how to get them out safely and without paying $61m US which is the issue.

2XS free on the sea
And re 2XS – our marina neighbour Garry has told us that work is underway.  Carpet has been ripped out; there are green patches (undercoat??) on the deck.  Woodwork happening inside.  He will go and have a good snoop for us tomorrow.

Here in Hobart Pete has been working on his own DIY projects…involving a bit of high wire work on Unit 2 Summerhill Rd!!

On Saturday we had a few visitors for an impromptu BBQ.  Most brought salads…or sausages.  Very welcome and delicious!  BUT our friend Alex brought…the biggest crayfish I have ever seen!  It was frozen so we popped it into the fridge to defrost and did not share it with anyone at all…WOW!!

Today I have been to Fullers with Katy, and with the three oldest Thomas children.  They were very taken with the three-way love seat.  And with all those BOOKS!!!

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