Monday, 30 November 2015

1st December - lifesaving championships

Tuesday 1st December 2015

My nephew Will now lives on the Gold Coast.   He works part time, trains rigorously (swimming) and surfs as often as possible. 

A lifesize photo of Will, surrounded by admiring cousins
Recently he went surfing with two of his housemates.  They locked the car after parking near the beach and when they came back…no car.  Also now iPhones, no GoPros, no wallets with credit cards, ID etc.  Also no house keys.  This was a fearsome nuisance.   They reported the theft to the police of course, and heard that cars disappear from that particular parking place every single day.  A profitable possie for BadBoys!

Will on the Gold Coast, with cousins
Andrea rang Will the next day – loving and concerned mother – and asked what he was doing.  Why, surfing, of course!  At the same place…

Will has recently been selected for the Queensland lifesaving team.  And also for the Australian team!  He loves this; it is, apparently, great fun.  A few days ago he got back from a trip with the national team for championships in Holland and Germany.  They had a LOT of fun and did very well – bronze and silver in this and that event.

I think he has a great life, in and out of various bits of water.

Another bit of Gilbert and George art (very cryptic...)

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