Tuesday, 10 November 2015

10th November - Tas days

Tuesday 20th November 2015

My beloved MacBook Air has died...first it lost its ability to make sound, then to hold a charge, then to make sense of anything much.

So now I have a gleaming new MacBook which only weighs one kilo.  So far so good but...I can't load the Word program so I can't use it to write.  Never mind...all will be fixed in the fullness of time...

Tasmanian life is good.  Saturday and Sunday we went up the glorious East Coast to White Sands resort for the Headlam Family Weekend.  Forty cheery strong/minded humans, a large percentage of whom are under twelve... Much chat, much food, much wine, much laughter, and not too much drama.

We had a quiz anda talent quest and everyone left exhausted but happy.

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