Thursday, 26 November 2015

27th November - Myer returns to Hobart

Friday 27th November 2015

Hobart is all GO at the moment.  Every time I go to town I am gobsmacked to see a new building where surely there wasn’t one yesterday.  Or a big hole in the ground where something…what…ummm…was prominent on the landscape, also just yesterday.

Rushing for the door
But for the past nine years there has been a big gap in the CBD.   On September 22nd 2007, the Myer shop burnt down.  This was a major blow to the city – Myer was our only big department store, and it took up a large proportion of the block.  (Hobart CBD really only has one block…)  Poor Hobart city centre has been a poor wounded creature ever since.

So those of us who love our city were thrilled to bits to see Myer rising, like a very slow phoenix, out of the ashes. 

Leona display - joy!

Katy and I spent a very happy hour, beaming and gazing in delight at the beautiful new shop.  It is still quite – ahem – small but it is very glamorous, with beautiful lighting which makes everything look SO desirable.  And yes we were good for the economy!  Katy bought a very nice new silicone pikelet flipper…and I fondled a lot of clothes and admired a lot of glassware and bought…nothing at all!

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