Sunday, 30 April 2017

Sunday 30th April 2017

Blue Water marina
Cairns – back again!

We left Port Douglas mid morning, after farewelling James and Bronwen, off to explore the Daintree.

They sent us a photo of the Low Isles from above. 

Yesterday we went for a beautiful walk around beautiful Port Douglas.  We saw lots of glorious Ulysses butterflies (iridescent blue) but…they flutter too fast to allow any photography.  So I took a scenic photo of an abandoned shopping trolley instead.

And a touristy photo of the beach from the lookout

Plus one of James and Bron posing scenically at the lookout…

On the way back through the shopping area Bron and I bought presents for Pete and James.

A crabby glass for James, who is sometimes (NOT often!) crabby.

And…a very appropriate mug for Pete, who has taken agin swearing in his presence…possibly he doesn’t realise that he is quite a prolific swearer himself…

He does not love this mug…

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