Tuesday, 18 April 2017

19th April 2017 - Whitsundays to Cape Upstart - Townsville - Breakwater Marina - heading north

Wednesday 19th April 2017

Breakwater Marina
19 degrees 15.245S
146 degrees 49.345E

Townsville street art at night, with happy Tasmanians
So we have arrived in Townsville, staying in the marina for just a few days.  Pete has been frantically work work working on the boat.  Brad came and serviced the starboard motor, Mike came and measured up for a new headsail; Pete rushed frantically around Townsville with James in a hire car sourcing this that and the other necessity.

It was all too sad in the Whitsundays…

Didn't want to take a photo of the devastation at Blue Pearl Bay in the harsh sunlight...
Blue Pearl Bay, where once there was a glorious little coral reef and many fish, is now desolate, with most of the coral broken on the shore.

Whitehaven Beach is being speedily rehabilitated with many tractors, graders, bulldozers.  But…the lush green vegetation looks as if it has been napalmed.

I did find a darling bird, perched very cutely above the insignia on a stylish surfboard.

Hamilton Island honey-eater
And some lovely flowers.

Harry found some big fish friends.

But basically the Whitsundays are just devastated.  For the moment!!

We did a ten hour trip up to Upstart Bay, which was OK for us but not very thrilling or pleasant for our poor passengers… They were very lucky and were able to jump ship, to get a ride up to Townsville in a nice speedy comfortable car.

James swimming in the non-crocodiley bit of Cape Upstarte
Monday we left Cape Upstart and whizzed up to Townsville, with the wind and the waves entirely in our favour.  Our guests spent a night or tow back on board, in the nice calm flat marina.  They liked Townsville, with its hotels, swimming pools, balmy temperature.

Today Pete is hiring an Uber car to rush around sourcing this and that while I do a few loads of washing in the lovely clean laundry facility.  This afternoon we will leave and moor out in the bay, ready to leave for Hinchinbrook, Cairns, Mission Beach, over the next few days.

All is well!

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