Tuesday, 25 April 2017

25th April 2017 - Mourilyan Harbour to Cairns

Tuesday 25th April 2017

16 degrees 57.193S
145 degrees 41.140E
Blue Water Marina

So yesterday we got to Cairns after an uneventful night in Mourilyan Harbour. 

17 degrees 36.494S
146 degrees 07.482E
Mourilyan Harbour

I forgot my very best 2XS story from a week or so away…Harry (13) came and, rather earnestly, asked me if I had an electric toothbrush.  Why yes, a green one!  Oh…well it is floating in the toilet bowl…and I fished it out!  Heroic Harry!

Beautiful Esplanade Cairns pool
16 degrees 55.068S
145 degrees 46.880E
Marlin Marina, Cairns

Our friend Steve is a great boat companion.  But oh dear he is subject to seasickness… Captain Pete doled out Kwells rom the 2XS dispensary, to be taken two hours before we set sail.  Steve obediently swallowed them but…


This morning we followed the ANZAC parade up from the waterfront and enjoyed the rain, the sun, the humidity, the pathos.

And this afternoon we went up the narrow creek which reminded us all so much of African Queen. 

So surprising to be suddenly in a bustling new 

NEW Gold Coast-type suburb!

James and Born - surprised!
We spent the afternoon in the brand new hotel at Blue Water marina, watching the Essendon-Collingwood game and listening to a very nice musician called Shannon Hunter.

We had a teensy bit of difficulty getting back to 2XS…it is a public holiday and the marina manager had given us a berth number but no keys…We got out fork the pontoons into the hotel/cave area but…it was impossible to get back without a key.  Pete worked out a way of climbing over two fences around the back.  Tomorrow no doubt Rick the manager will be back and we will have proper keys to get in and out of our floating prison…

NEW suburb!!

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