Wednesday, 14 October 2015

15th October - back inTasmania - ransom demands begin in the Philippines

Thursday 15th October 2015

Cremorne Beach
First of all good news…

We are home, safe and healthy, surrounded by family


Liz and Cam Morrisby!!
local beauty.

Model yachts racing on Risdon Brook dam
We have been to a very cheerful delightful wedding (see photo above of radiant bride and groom, Cam and Liz.)

And I have had a successful appointment with Gary, my wonderful Mac101 man so now my computer works!  My iPhone can connect to my computer!  My iPad is in hospital getting its switch fixed!  Joy!

But…we are still very anxious about our friends taken hostage in the Philippines.  I scan the news pages via Google every few hours.  And last night…a distressing photo…and a horrid youtube clip.

At least we can see that John, Tess, Rob and Kjartan are alive so…I suppose that is a blessing.  And now things are at least starting to get underway, with demands for ransom.

So I will continue to write this blog, with my usual trivial and personal stuff, as well as with as much updated information as I can find on what I hope will be the speedy release of the hostages.

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