Thursday, 7 September 2017

7th September 2017 - Feltwell - Ely - Cambridge - Newmarket - Lodon - Bury St Edmnds

Thursday 7th September 2017

51 degrees 20.188N
00 degrees 05.109E
Hermon Hill, London

Back in London, with dear Lindsay and Emma, their now-crawling gorgeous baby Orla, and a cheery friend from New Zealand (Cormac.) 

Lindsay Emma Cormac
I am not great company, but they were all very kind and we drank a few toasts to my much-loved stepfather, Marcel, 

who died earlier in the day.


In fact I am not up to writing much of a blog but…this is for you, Mum!  A bit of vicarious travel to brighten your day!

(For various private reasons we are not going home; we are staying on for my reunion with both cousins in a week or so, in Harby.)

I haven’t written yet about our trip to Bury St Edmunds, with Pete and his friend Dot, who now lives there.

Pete Dot Pete
It is a beautiful town, with an ancient abbey in picturesque ruins

and a most wonderful symmetrical and ordered garden which made me feel preternaturally serene and calm.

Yesterday we left Feltwell and the comfort and security of Peter Green’s house.  Also we left the company of aforementioned Peter Green and his friend Terry (Tel) from the East End of London (now a resident of New Zealand.)  Terry was so very funny that we all found ourselves shaking and aching with laughter at the dinner table.  The story of his tip-out in hospital when he was lying in bed incapacitated with two broken arms and a broken leg in plaster will never be forgotten…

Pete Pete Terry
We had quite a few hours before the hire car had to be back in Stansted so we did a flying trip to Ely to see the glorious cathedral.

And then to Cambridge to glimpse the beautiful university buildings.  

Google glimpsed Selwyn College for me!
It was very hard to get a parking place but we managed to get one near a lovely little cafĂ© – we were very much in need of coffee.  The car was right outside a small museum commemorating polar exploration so we rushed in for a five minute visit and a brief chat with the very knowledgeable and kindly volunteers at the desk.

I did get a swift glimpse of the River Cam, but not of the punts.

And then a drive around Newmarket and its enormous race track.

A vast expanse of green
We were very close to the car hire place in Stansted – we had to go to a new depot to pick up another car before dropping off the old one.  (Complicated and boring story.) So close but yet so far!  Siri led us a merry dance up side roads and off slipways…Poor thing was quite frantic, as were we, by the time we found it…

And then to London, with only a few teensy minor hiccups in the navigation process…

Lindsay and Emma are at work today so we are doing the bare minimum.  We will find a supermarket, buy some food, cook some food, and otherwise – do nothing!

PS Google supplied an image of a punter for me

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