Thursday, 28 September 2017

28th September 2017 - UK to Singapore to Queensland

Monday 25th September 2017

Best photo - my Qld frog friends!
16 degrees 48.204S
145 degrees 42.502E28th September 2017
Blue Water marina
Cairns Qld

We have leapt from continent to continent and now we are back in Australia.  In hot and sunny Cairns, reunited with 2XS, which has been waiting patiently in Blue Waters marina for the past few months.

It seemed to take forever to get from Singapore to Cairns.  I didn’t sleep at all and was quite happy sitting trapped in my small seat on the plane because all seven episodes of Big Little Lies was waiting for me on the tiny TV screen, just inches from my nose.  I enjoyed it very much although my eyes were totally gritty after so many hours watch watch watching!

We were just a bit worried about the boat…would it be full of mould??  This does happen, in tropical climates.  But no, the boat is squeaky clean and very dry and ready for us to leap aboard and set sail.

I spent the morning in the supermarket; Pete spent the morning down the hold getting very hot indeed because…the starter motor wouldn’t start.  A bit of a flaw… I don’t know how many hours he spent down there in his hot metal coffin, but he emerged at last, very weary and dehydrated, but – successful!

Pete exhausted!
Thursday 28th  September 2017

Girl Interrupted (well...not quite GIRL…)
19 degrees 14.817S
146 degrees 49.513E
Townsville outside Breakwater marina

Yes Townsville…not enough time to catch up with our friends and relations.  We arrived late afternoon and filled up with diesel then anchored outside the marina, ready for an early morning start.

Pesky Townsville ibis
We are speeding down the coast.  I have cooked a large and sustaining dinner and a large veg-filled lasagne for the overnight trip tomorrow.  And we should be in Airlie Beach in time to meet up with my family!

Along the way we had a twelve hour stop at  Mission Beach, where we stayed with Pete and Maddie and beautiful Baggins the Dog for delicious food, wine, chat.

Marguerite and Maddie
All is well!

Maddie and Baggins
I should write about our day at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore – so impressive, so amazing!

Gardens by the Bay

But…not now…am in need of….zzzzzz….

Huge cactus in Gardens by the Bzzzzzzzz

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