Tuesday, 1 November 2016

2nd November 2016 - Asian shops in PNGH - Alotau carvings

Wednesday 2nd November 2016

2XS in Alotau
Most of the shops in PNG are owned and run by Korean and Chinese families.  They work extremely hard and the shops are very successful, and provide a much-needed service for the communities. But…they don’t seem to assimilate very happily.  The Korean and Chinese children, don’t go to the local schools, for example – they go to private boarding schools in the larger cities.  And the adults work work WORK and don’t have time to play, or chew betel nut with the locals…

In every Asian-owned shop there is a sentinel, seated high up on a sort of tennis umpire chair,  behind the cash registers, with an eagle-eyed watcher observing every single transaction.  NOT fun!  Boring and stressful!  I very much wanted to get a photo but it seemed a bit rude just to snap away.  I persuaded Pete to ask one of the watchers in Alotau, and he was more than happy, and beamed happily as I got out my iPhone.

We were approached by many carvers in the streets of Alotau.  Some of their work was just beautiful.  While we were loading with fuel I bought the middle of these statues, a lovely mother with baby and toddler and basket on her head.  I am sad to say I didn’t buy her husband…I still regret leaving him behind.  Mistake!  (They were quite expensive and I was saving my kina for pamplemousse!!)

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