Sunday, 20 November 2016

21st November 2016 - Tasmanain conversations - Panasea Island limestone caves (Louisiades, PNG)

Monday 21st November 2016

Life in Tasmania is very wonderful.  So many friends and relations to catch up with…so much chat!

And chastening conversations with the youngest amongst us…

The other day Rose (4½) asked me if I was a teenager.  No?  Well maybe I was a grown-up.  I said yes and she looked at me with narrowed eyes.  “Bardy, are you OLD?”  Well, yes maybe… “Oh, so you are going to die soon,” she said, on matter-of-fact tones.  Katy was horrified.  “That’s not very nice, Rose!”  Rose turned to her crossly and said, “I don’t WANT her to die!  I was just ASKING!”

I told Angela on Sunday.  She had just had a similarly conversation with Oliver (6.)  He told her that when he grows up he is going to have a shop.  “Wonderful, darling,” said Angela.  “I will come to your shop and buy things!”  He looked at her witheringly and said, “Oh no, you will be dead by then!”

Marguerite Pete Chris Angela...oh so old...
12th October Panasea limestone caves

11 degrees 07 985S
152 degrees 19.939E
Panacea Island
Louisiades PNG
6.5m, beautiful anchorage

Follow that canoe!
Last time we were at Panasea Island (2011) we had tried to get around to the other side of the island to look at the limestone caves.  Too shallow to anchor so the only way is to go in the dinghy.  Putt putt putt…not enough power to combat the strong waves so we turned back.

Michael bare-headed to begin with
This time we followed a canoe around the corner and along the beautiful rocky coast, ignoring the waves.  We paid a bit of money and were led up along a narrow jungle path and up some steep steps and then – a magical cavern, open to the sky!

Long long roots
The stalactites and mites were huge.  I climbed through the cave entrance and then sat looking down (down down down…) while Pete and Michael made their way to the sandy bottom and the sea pool. 

(I was much happier on my perch; it was all very slippery and the thought of slipping and breaking my leg was just too daunting.)


The people of Panasea are hoping this cave will become a major tourist attraction, as I am sure it would be if tourists were able to get to Pansea Island any easier way than a long long boat journey…

On the way back Michael had to wear my shirt as a sort of sun-protecting hijab

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