Tuesday, 2 May 2017

3rd May 2017 - Blue water marina (still) - Earl's Hill walk

Wednesday 3rd May 2017

Blue Water marina
Cairns Queensland

Beautiful tropical foliage
We didn’t venture far today.  I spent most of the morning reading my book and gently scratching around my midgie bites and trying not to complain too much.  (Pete’s bites are more plentiful and much worse-looking and he doesn’t complain anywhere near as much as I do…).  These are such amazing little creatures; they a re invisible to the naked eye but they make huge mound-like bites which itch like crazy.  Thank God for antihistamines!

Green ants nest cunningly camouflaged in the leaves
In the afternoon we went for a gentle stroll down to the nearest beach and then round the back of Earl’s Hill.  (It had to be a gentle stroll; it is much too hot to attempt a faster pace.)

It was all very pleasant.  Lots of big new houses being built on the edge of the forest.

Some very big intricate spider webs

A large white egret in a muddy waterway

Egret barely visible...
Pete in our closest waterway, working out how we can get 2XS beached in the next few days at low tide so the welder can weld up the holes in the hulls.

And in a very different part of Australia…Nicky doing the Bondi-Bronte walk with her beloved aunt Karen early in the morning before a conference.

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