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28th January 2016 - Townsville croc - 2XS in Hamilton Island marina

Saturday 28th January 2016

Pete is back from Queensland and maybe he can have some peaceful time at home.

2XS is safely in the marina on Hamilton Island, with both motors working.

Antifouling in the Philippines
Away from the crocodiles!  When I had left Townsville in November, Pete decided to get into the water to scrub the bottom on the boat.  It is very dirty, encrusted with marine life.  The anti-foul, done so painstakingly in Ocean View marina (Philippines) last year April) is obviously a dud.  It promotes rather than discourages marine organisms!!  I didn’t want Pete to get into the water.  What could possibly go wrong??

Apparently (*cough*) I was being over-cautious.  Various long-term inhabitants of the marina told him there hadn’t ever been a crocodile anywhere near Breakwater.  So in he hopped, scrubbing away industriously.  No crocs in sight, no probs!

Recently he paid Dale, who lives in the marina, to get in and scrub yet again.  Dale does this for a living.  He was in the water for nearly two hours, and when he came out he said, casually, that it was all safe now because…The Crocodile (the non-existent crocodile???) is dead!  Apparently just a few days after Pete left Townsville in December, not long after his underboat labours, a waterski boat ran into a large underwater object… A three and a half metre crocodile, which had been living , peacefully and calmly, in around around Breakwater.  (The croc didn’t survive this encounter.)

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